Procedural Ruby and Software on the Side

I’m making progress on the Procedural Ruby section of the curriculum and feeling pretty good about what I’m learning. I’m trying to pace myself - with the goal of retaining the information I’m learning. I don’t want to just complete each assignment in the curriculum and move onto the next one. I’m trying to be thorough with each piece of the coding puzzle, which is a pains taking process, but my hope is that I’ll have a deeper understanding of each topic and retain more.

While I’m focusing my time on the curriculum I also take a break from code to learn some new software that might come in handy at some point. I’m beginning by trying out Axure RP 8. I’m interested in wireframing and prototyping.

wireframing helps me brainstorm my rough ideas and work out the conceptual problems for a design before writing any code

Although it’s not directly related to the course work we’re doing here at the Flatiron School, being able to create some mock ups help with brainstorming the web development process. I’m good at mastering the concepts of coding, but it’s being able to put the concepts together into a worth while website or app that is the goal. Wireframing helps me jump that gap of brainstorming the process.